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Marketing Manager

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What Does a Marketing Manager Do?

From developing, implementing, and executing strategic marketing plans to staying abreast of changes in the marketing environment, experienced marketing manager s know how to deliver results. They perform a variety of tasks, have a wide degree of creativity, and rely on their experience and judgement to plan and accomplish goals. A marketing manager can be responsible for several services or products, or be in charge of a single product.

Many create an integrated marketing strategy, assess different types of media, and choose the best plan of action for campaigns. Marketing managers test new marketing messages, channels, and opportunities and evaluate the performance using insights, analytics, and go-to market strategies. They also manage budgets for media and marketing campaigns, monitor ROIs, and report findings to upper management. They often manage an in-house ad agency or an outside advertising/marketing services firm.

Often these individuals will have specific industry experience that is relevant to the brand(s) they manage. In certain cases, an MBA is required.

Our recruiters have successfully placed marketing manager s in positions nationwide since 1999. Marketing management positions we’ve placed candidates in include, but aren’t limited to: Product manager, brand manager, mobile marketing manager, and email marketing manager. We use our own real world experience to help you find a marketing management position you will thrive in. Our recruiters have a unique perspective on skills and intangibles that hiring managers are seeking. We don’t just care about filling a position, but about finding the right fit to help you succeed. Melinda Holm & Associates is here to help you thrive and be happy in your career.

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