Campaign Manager

What Skills Does a Successful Campaign Manager Need?

The campaign manager ‘s role is to bring their client’s projects to life. This involves overseeing the full project life cycle: Managing finances and budgets, overseeing the creative teams, and delivering the campaign. It is a client-facing role as this individual will communicate all updates with the client through each phase of a campaign. Campaign manager s also collaborate with the account management team, which partners with the client on strategic planning and the larger scope of business.

The campaign manager also works with internal teams to make sure everyone is doing their part to get the project done flawlessly and on time. They manage a mix of digital and traditional projects. This leadership role requires a creative, confident, collaborative, and accountable individual. Campaign manager s have experience in all aspects of the integrated marketing mix: Email, digital advertising, direct mail, webinars, event marketing, broadcast, and more. Typical responsibilities include:

  • Manage day-to-day progress on assigned accounts by identifying, communicating, and confirming daily deliverables of all team members. (S)he is expected to take action, anticipate needs, and proactively solve problems including:
    • Directing and enhancing the internal workflow process
    • Developing action plans to ensure efficient project execution and accomplish all tasks on deadline by visualizing and predicting milestones to bring about the successful completion of goals and objectives
    • Making realistic commitments of the agency in terms of time and budget
    • Persevering to achieve a mature balance between client and agency interests
    • Leading internal team meetings in order to successfully manage team workflow and ensure superior project quality
  • Maintain daily contact with brand planning, creative, account management, and production services
    • Act as the “hub” or key contact for core team members to filter information for all team members in relation to project specific information, including:
      • Preparing the project plans and ensuring all project documentation is maintained
      • Obtaining necessary information from internal teams in order to execute a project
      • Balancing client needs and expectations with the agency’s ability to create and produce superior and insightful work
      • Mediating internal schedule and budget issues while continuing to progress the workflow process
      • Being proactive and keeping antennae up for relevant information relating to clients’ business that are helpful to the team
      • Driving toward genuine insights that affect the business and creative product
      • Monitoring the scope, workload, and budget changes so media and production adjustments can be accommodated. (S)he will construct realistic and workable budgets, and demand justification for increase in cost

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Campaign Manager
Campaign Manager

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